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    A Pros Tribute to Tokatee Golf Club

An Ode to ‘Her Majesty’

The journey starts before you arrive, because in part from where you drive.
By plane, by car or motorbike, no matter how it’s still a hike.
Coming North or South, East or West to play a course unlike the rest.
Everyone Welcome let out a smile, conifer soldiers lining the aisle.
We break through the gauntlet to a vista so fine, what’s beating faster your heart or mine?
Beauty so moving for whatever its worth, we have ascended to heaven on earth.
So here we go, can’t wipe off the grin, hole number one, let it begin.
Short, wide open, maybe jitters at worst, only need worry about the curse of the first.
Two is a dog leg that all love to par, and three can be reached if you hit it that far.
Four seems so simple but that is a lie, though it is the first chance where you may have to buy.
Hole number five is where she starts to explain that if you hit it crooked, she can inflict pain.
Six is for gamblers, leave nothing behind, ‘Cause in your future starts Amen; 7, 8, & 9.
Seven’s a tough one, trees on each side and numerous places for golf balls to hide.
Eight can pose problems, actually be quite mean; even after your ball arrives on the green.
A birdie on nine can be a real slice of heaven, as you remember the corner, “Oh no” 10 & 11.
Stop at the turn to spend a quick dollar, but don’t take too long or the golf pro will holler.

Ten is the start of a famous back nine, and the view from the tee? Well, it’s mighty fine.
No matter which way you decide to attack it’s still a good view from the green looking back.
On to eleven, now make a wish, that your five-dollar Pro V doesn’t swim with the fish.
On number 12 we built a new tee, we all would take par but still go for three.
The dogleg twins are the next in the book, do you have them both, a slice and a hook?
Fifteen’s panoramic is one that I love, but isn’t so pretty putting down from above.
Our Signature hole is often sixteen, framed by the Sisters; the Crown of the Queen.
Protected in part by a creek and a pond, neither of which you are very fond.
Getting by trouble should be a win; counting of course on a favorable pin.
Seventeen, the hole before last, whose only real problem is you play it too fast.
It’s not your last chance to bask in glory, but at the end of the round will be part of the story.
Eighteen my friends is where we settle the day, uphill and testy, what can I say.
When all said and done, as you add up your score, one can’t help but think about playing some more.

There is so much more to my Garden of Eden, sunrise, sunsets, and four different seasons.
As I pack my balls, clubs and my shoes, clean out the locker, bequeath all my booze,
I sit and pause to reflect on the past, replay every shot from the first to the last,
I think of the characters I have met on my way, coming back yearly from way far away
There are so many parts of what I will miss, after 28 years of Heavenly Bliss,
And as the tears stream down my face, gracefully trying to exit this place,
I thank you my friends and let the bells chime, the old pro is leaving and it’s about time!

Dedicated to: The Hoppy, Men are Pigs, The Trek, Paris, HC Stag, Reynolds Cup, Safari, Dom Diddy,
The Cock, Bend Over, One-Two, The Tok, GACG, The Mick, Fagarwe, Vagabonds, Shooters, Papas, Winger, Blue River Invitational & You!
In Memorandum: Natalie & Laraway Giustina

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