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    Reviews & Accolades

“Favorite Central Oregon Golf Course” – NW Golf Guys Players Choice Awards ’11
“4.5 Stars” – NW Golf Guys, ’10
“Ranked #4 Golf Course In Oregon” – Carttek
“Readers Choice Award” – Best Golf Course – Register Guard, ’10,’11,’12
“Best Courses You Can Play” – Golfweek ’06, ’07, ’08 and ’09
“50 Best U.S. Courses for $50 or less.” – Golf Magazine, ’04
“Ranked No. 4 for Best Overall Experience.” – BrainstormNW, ’06
“Ranked No. 3 for Best Value.” – BrainstormNW, ’06
“Ranked No. 13 in The Top 20 for Best Overall Golf Experience” – BrainstormNW, ’05
“Ranked No. 1 in The Top 20 for Best Value For Your Money” – BrainstormNW, ’05
“Ranked No. 5 in Best Overall Experience” – Oregon Golf Association, ’05
“Ranked No. 4 in Best Overall Experience” – BrainstormNW, ’06
“Ranked No. 3 in Best Overall Value” – BrainstormNW, ’06
“America’s Best.” – Ranked No. 10 in Oregon in 2006 by Golfweek Magazine
“One of America’s Top 25 Public Golf Courses” – Golf Digest, ’84, ’88, and ’90


“And on the eighth day, God hit a three-iron stiff to the pin on the 11th hole at Tokatee. And even if He three-putted, God couldn’t get angry because even He had to be overwhelmed by what He had created. “No, it isn’t irreverent to talk of God and a golf course in the same breath, not a golf course located halfway to heaven at the base of the statuesque Three Sisters. Playing golf at Tokatee isn’t recreation, it’s a revelation.”

Blaine Newnham, Register Guard

“If you want to play golf on a scenic, well-groomed course, Tokatee is the place.”

Bud Snoich, The Springfield News

“From the moment you turn off the main road until you walk off the 18th green, you realize that the concept of keeping the entire facility as natural and as peaceful as possible has been very successfully carried through. There is nothing extravagant with the pro shop and snack bar, nor has anything been done to the course to ‘Trick it up.’ It is, quite simply, a completely enjoyable golfing experience.”

The Middle Tee , Golf Digest, '91, '93, '95, '97, '99, and '01

“Tokatee has become known by those who have played it as the nearly perfect blend of scenic beauty and challenging golf.”

The Middle Tee

“Peter Jacobsen said he still prefers playing the Eugene Country Club or Tokatee, a beauty hidden up Oregon’s McKenzie River between Blue River and McKenzie Bridge.
‘I bet none of these guys even know where it is,’ he said with a grin, gesturing toward his fellow pros. ‘But I do.’”

Dennis Anstine, San Francisco Examiner

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